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FFF stands for Fit, Form, and Function

"Fit" stands for meeting required tolerances.  For example, the apron will stand up to repeated use.
"Form" describes dimensions, such as size, weight, and appearance.  These are designed to work with a
variety of body types and preferences.
"Function" depends on the elements  of the apron being in the correct position for ease of use. They are.


Meet Bob & Gina

20190908_100008 (1)_edited.jpg

Bob has been working with his hands since he was just a kid.

He always wears an apron because, well, he’s messy. But let’s face it – creative work IS messy.  Sawdust, paint, glue, grease – you don’t want any of that on your good work clothes, do you?

Plus, his aprons always gave him lots of trouble…the neck strap chafed and pulled whenever he put things in the chest pocket…he never had enough pockets or the right size pockets for his cell phone, safety glasses, pencils, and other small items, not to mention pockets big enough to handle his hand tools.  One loop was not enough for his hammer AND his other hammer. And I always worried that those long waist ties would get caught in some power tool or other.  Something had to be done.

My name is Gina. I have been sewing since I was 13 (and let’s not mention how long ago that was!), so I took matters into my own hands and designed an apron that works for him and for you, applying the Fit, Form, and Function framework used by engineers. That's where the "FFF" in our name comes from.

In addition to our apron line I can also brighten your home and spark your imagination with my lovely crocheted creations, including an extensive selection of amigurui. If you like Crochet Arts check out my Etsy shop - Crochet Arts by Gina!

Utility aprons_edited.jpg

Our utility aprons feature the following:

  • Made of durable canvas, heavy weight denim, and other sturdy, long-wearing fabrics, they stand up to hard wear

  • No-slip, no-bind, fully adjustable shoulder straps and adjustable waist buckle – no dangling ties

  • Ample deep pockets for safety glasses, hand tools, hardware, pencils, keys, cell phone, and other small items

  • Loops on both sides to support right-handed and left-handed creators (as well as the two-hammered kind) on the standard length apron

  • Available in a variety of colors

In Adult (standard and short lengths)and Adult Big & Tall sizes (special order - see full description for dimensions). Also available are “Li’l Helper” (large and small) utility aprons made of tough cotton canvas material, Women's and Children's Slip-On No-Slip Aprons made of heavyweight cotton in solids and prints, Potter's Aprons for with split skirts for ease at the wheel, and the Adult Half Aprons, perfect for teachers, trainers, gardeners, vendors...

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